Still living near Philadelphia.  I have been working 14 hours days – I NEED a break.  I love the programming pert, but the culture at my job tries my patience.

The family is well, although I am concerned Tammy and her aneurysm.  I am helping Isaiah applying for colleges, but this may be the hardest task I have ever had.  Bella just got a 3.975 GPA – and she is upset about it!  She needs to learn to relax, but I am the last person to be ale to teach her that.

I contacted Derek Sivers to see if I can help him with some projects – I would love to work with him.

I am looking forward to see my friends and family for the holiday. I will be the cook this year – I ordered a fresh turkey and all the fixings.  Maybe Derek would like to come over for dinner!

I will be starting up to train people on the Web Platform (Html, CSS, Javascript).

Another project I would love to continue is Free.TV – the next wave of video platform for independent video without all the hassle.